I didn't paint that...

On Saturday mornings I take a drive to Cheyenne, WY for an inventory auditing job with Fox Research. 52 weeks out of the year, same day, same route, and the most beautiful scenery. If I think about grabbing my camera on the way out the door it usually sits on the car seat....On this morning I was thinking about how a sunrise could be considered an event worthy enough to be captured by camera, and how petty that frame of mind is.
I have seen some of the most odd and spectacular landscapes and atmospheric effects the drive has to offer, and decided......You should stop for a few minutes and take a picture.

Making Smoke...

Post for Art Jumble,
"New Years Resolution" theme.....Which is to keep running from the cigarette. I always made the excuse that my left hand needed to be doing something while I drew with my right. I wanted to quit before I had smoked for half of my life, and this January I turn into an Adult Adult....30. This time it seems to be much easier.
With the new addition of our baby Sam, and Cooper becoming evermore aware of everything around him, I want to be able to tell them smoking is not okay, and be able to stand behind my words.

I have also enjoyed getting into posting with Art Jumble, and seeing a new style develop within the past few months....I love drawing, and drawing quickly.

Scaling the Dragon

In October of 2007, I set out on a small journey through the lens of my Kodak......I wanted to do one of the cool time lapse videos of a creation in progress and came to this. The dragon is part of a pewter sculpture available at Designs by Ricker of Saint George and the Dragon.
After I completed the dragon in red wax, I used a lighter tan wax for a little contrast. Enjoy.

Tiny Tim Pimpin'

A post for Art Jumble, "Christmas Carol" theme.

Frosty the Snowmass Murderer

A post on Art Jumble for the "Snow Monster" theme.

Fender Ornaments

For the past few months I have been working on a project for Designs By Ricker of motorcycle fender ornaments. Here are a few of the most recently completed designs. They will be molded and cast with resin and chrome plated. The designs will eventually be for sale through the Ricker website.

Paris After Titian

A post for ArtJumble

Red Balloon Rex

post for ArtJumble

Sunshine Secret...

This is my favorite piece of all time...In early spring 2002, before I graduated from college, I was taking a cigarette break during a painting class. The sun was warm but the concrete cold. There was a pile of bees early from their winter slumber slowly crawling around on the steps in front of Crabbe Hall at UNC. The metallic golden stripes of their backs absorbed the warm sun, and most of them lie still. I wrapped up one in the cellophane from the package of cigarettes, and placed it in my paint case...When I got back to my house I put the bee in the window near a plant bowl, and it rested paying homage to the sun...This piece was made using two part mix for clear resin, a light bulb carefully cut open, and sculpey forming a sunflower. The bee rests on the glass fuse enclosure of the bulb, and the bulb was filled with the resin, and then glued into the center of the flower.

Smart and Super Size

Post for Art Jumble, a modern day story of David and Goliath.

D.C.......What, Whaattt.....

Some Election Day spirit, also my first post to Art Jumble.

Happy Halloween Bun Bun....

After seeing a video series on youtube by John Angevine ,
I could not help but be really excited to get to the pumpkin patch and fill up the car...
Stef, Cooper, and I took a trip to our favorite spot north of Eaton, Colorado. All the big pumpkins are $2, so we always get enough to spread across the front of the house. I'm sure the neighbors think we're a little wacky, but we enjoy ourselves enough so our end of the street does not feel left out.

What Would Clint Do???

For a while now, I've been busy sculpting for Designs by Ricker during the day, and working on commissioned pieces after hours in my studio at home. I have been asking myself the question over and over....What would you do?.....What would you do if you had an opportunity to make something that was what you had in mind, not influenced by anyone else opinion? I had the opportunity recently while waiting for paint to dry.
There is great satisfaction in creating something beautiful, and finding out the meaning when the time is right....This is one of those pieces, a stream of conscious doodle.
This is a wax sculpture of an elephant head with butterfly-esque ears, and abdomen. The trunk forms a right arm, balanced on the index, and middle finger. The base is a bird/dinosaur like claw....It is a strange combination, but flows and balances perfectly. I am happy to show what I would do.


In May, I took a trip to New York City with my Mother-in-Law, Sheri for the SURTEX 2008 show.
This was my first trip to the Big Apple, and I was in complete awe at everything I saw.
The SURTEX show is a Licensing show for artists who want to see their work applied to surfaces and textiles, such as: gift wrap, stationary, cards, wall hangings, etc. It is held at the Javits Center. The first day we attended the show and viewed so much artwork, it was head-spinning. It was self validating as an artist to see the range of talents that are producing art and what age they are. We also attended seminars on licensing agreements, copyright, and trends.
After the show our first day, Sheri and I took a walk into the city, no real direction, just wandering. All along the way I was taking photos and trying to take in this incredible place. Just as we were walking, things started to look strangely familiar... Times Square, I have seen this before, but now I was in the middle of it!
The feeling was electric, there was an unexplainable buzz of energy from all the people, lights, images, and size.
Day 2 of the show we viewed the Stationary portion of the show, then afterward we took a shuttle bus partway toward the financial district. The people in New York that provide public service are very helpful, they will tell you as many different combination of ways to get to where you want to go as possible. Sheri and I found that if you overshoot or undershoot a destination, your best bet is to walk. So, we walked into the financial district and to Ground Zero of the World Trade Center disaster. We timed our trip perfectly, as we walked into a flood of people getting off work and heading toward the subway station. That experience alone was breathtaking.
Day 3 was our last day. We decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Getting there was a trip, and we learned about the subway! The Met was having a Super-Hero Fashion and Fantasy show. It was really impressive seeing the costumes like SpiderMan, Wonder-Woman, Batman, but the coolest was a high polished silver IronMan. The eyes were so bright, like xenon headlights, almost hard to look at. They also had the Mystique body suit on a life like casting worn by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in the X-Men movie...WOW.
After we viewed that exhibit, we saw sculpture, painting, ancient artifact, a lot of gold, but my favorite was the painting by Salvidor Dali of the Crucifixion (Hypercubic Body). Being able to stand in front of this painting was a complete dream. The folds of skin, and fluidity of markings are awesome. The edges are not as picture perfect as a small reproduction would suggest, this is really a painting, and there is a painterly quality that is lost when viewed from afar.
After leaving the Museum, we walked down a few blocks and took the subway back toward the south end of the city. Being underground really screws with your sense of direction, and we went on a fun filled adventure through the tunnels of New York and landed safely back on the streets.
A trip I will always remember, a wonderful experience filled with art, sites, and exercise. Thank you Sheri.

The Baigelman Bull

52 days from start to shipping. I am thrilled to have this completed. Presenting "The Baigelman Bull".

Fresh Patina

On July 1st Debbie Bakel, patineur brought the bull to life. The warm rich earthy tones she applied has certainly given the bull a complete soul. I gave Deb the freedom to work her magic, and she did a wonderful job.
The walnut oval base will be put on next, it measures 9"x12"...

Naked Bronze

I dropped off the wax at Dragon Castings Bronze Foundry in Eaton, Colorado on Monday June 9th. I worked at the foundry after graduating college. It was here that I learned about lost wax casting, spruing, dipping, burning out, knocking shell, sandblasting, welding, and chasing. I had the pleasure of developing life long friends like Gary Pitcher, Dale Hill, and Sharon Winter.
Sharon had the piece sprued by the next morning. Spruing is the application of a wax gate system to feed the molten bronze to the different parts of the sculpture. Some of the remains of the sprue bars are visible in the photos; the bull had one feeder on each foot, one on the chin of the bull, one on the chin of the snake, vents off the horns, ears, and a vent off the tail. There was a core hole placed in the back of the bull's head to let the slurry and silica sand drain easily while dipping to build up the shell, and of coarse the belly plug that was sculpted separate.
By Tuesday the 17th of June the bull was poured....amazing by any standards. On a typical foundry schedule a sculpture can spend an average of 4-6 weeks being prepared and poured. I called just to check on things with Sharon and she told me the bull was done. One small scare with the tail was corrected, it broke at the rump, but was fixed easily.
With no mold, everybody was holding their breath around the bull. Many things can happen with all the handling that needs to be done to prepare for a casting. Dale always relies on Murphy's Law, but fortunately these guys all know what they are doing.
So, I took a trip to the foundry on Monday the 23rd to weld and chase the bull. The bull weighs in at 24 lbs. Very thick, and sturdy. After a day of welding and grinding, I can see the end is near. From here, I'll will take the piece to have two of the feet drilled a tapped to mount the base.


It's Thursday night, June 5th, I have been working steadily throughout 23 days. The original clock design with roman numerals floating on the side of the bull was not working to my likings. I decided to make the clock look more like an ornate watch. After tightening things up there, I worked the vines that break up open space, placed spines on the cacti, claws in the cat foot, added the tail, and stamped the families initials into the leaves of the tree...
I have spoken with my Foundry, and plan to take the bull to them on Monday. Over the weekend I will look for anything squished from handling and tighten lines, or smooth any rough areas. Once the bronze is poured, I will weld and chase the sculpture. Trying to coordinate the patina, base, and crating within a few days of each other will be my next hill to climb. This has certainly been the most enjoyable project I have worked on for some time and I am pleased to be at this point....AND ahead of schedule!!

Combing with Details

On Thursday night, May 29th, only 20 hours into sculpting, all the elements are in place, and I can begin the details. Subconsciously I decide to start with the most difficult part of the sculpture which is the cheeks, neck, and breast area. This area of the bull combines two rabbits on the cheeks and neck,and a condor on the breast with the numbers 55 on the wings, and the letter "B" in the talons. To my delight, the sculpture starts to come life....

The next portion I work by Saturday, is the Family Tree on the left front leg. The leaves will contain initials of the family members and the roots from the trunk wrap down over the hoof. I am pleased with the way the roots turned out, it looks very good. The hollow in the trunk is a great addition, placed over the knee area.
On the right leg I begin to work the cacti and the apple with the "NY". For the cacti spines I am going to use a wax thickener that is hard so they will not smash down when handled during the sculpting. At this point, I have also straightened up the 7/14/48 birthdate, and will clean up the clock soon.

By Monday and Tuesday, I have tuned the cat stretching across the back, and the Rod of Asclepius that is the left rear leg. From here, I will work the clock, add the claws to the cat foot, spines on the cactus, and finally the tail...

Taking the Bull by the Horns

On May 13th, 2008, I responded to a request for an artist to produce a 'Custom Bull Sculpture'. I was contacted after my client reviewed my portfolio and was awarded the commission. I started the concept sketches the same day.
The sculpture is being made for the 60th birthday of a gentleman in the Boston area. The gentleman is a bull collector and his son wanted to have a bull made that would incorporate aspects of his fathers life into the form of a bull.
This project has been a milestone for me as an artist. I feel as though this project has re-lit the desire I have to create. To this point in my artistic career I have worked as an interpretor for many clients. It hasn't been since college that I painted freely expressing myself in the individual manner that I enjoy. Granted, I am producing a vision of a client again, but this project fits my hand so well I can't help but feel like it was meant to be.
The photos along this post are of the concept sketches, and the rough-in of the bull from, the addition and progression of elements. There is no mold being made for this sculpture. It is a one-of-a-kind. From this point, I will now finish up with the placement of the birthday 7/14/48, and two birds on the rump of the bull, the number 55 on the neck, and the letter "B" in the claws of a condor that wrap around the neck. Then details......


While skimming through craigslist over a year ago, I came across a post for the most recent issue of Zaf622. It is a webzine for and about local artist in the Ft. Collins area written by Daryle Dickens. I am fortunate to be interview #16 and it can be seen here.
Thank you to Daryle for bringing positive exposure to happenings and art in Northern Colorado.

Super Cooper

My son Cooper loves his Marvel Super Squad super-heroes. Since he was an infant, Cooper has been influenced by super powers. Stefanie and I would give him different colored sweat bands and called them "Powerbands". Each different color was a super-hero, like red for Spiderman, yellow for Wolverine, light blue for Arch Angel, Black for Black Spiderman, Green for Hulk, and royal blue for Captain America. He would wear them all the time, and believed that they held some kind of super power......As he has gotten a little older his imagination runs wild.

Cooper is 2 years, 6 months old. He knows the names of all comic heroes that we have collected. The first Super Squad duo to come home with us was Electra and Daredevil. We took a trip to our local Megamart, and of coarse, to the toy isle. I tried to talk him into a Spiderman combo, and he accepted. For the rest of the ride through the store, Cooper studied the back of the package and found the Electra & Daredevil duo. His next words were "I want her", "I want her","I want her". So naturally, I went back to the toy isle and fulfilled my son's wishes.

After I read a blog called toycutter, I was inspired to make "Super Cooper". Shown here in wax, Super Cooper comes equipped with a rocket-pack, directional dorsal fin on the back of his head, Spidermanesque eyes, Daredevil mask, and hand blasters. The sculpture is created after the Super Squad characters, and is the size of the Hulk. I have had a mold made courtesy of Dave Howe , and plan to cast resin copies.

Sailing the Seas

On St. Patrick's Day 2007, I had my first meeting with Dave and Linda Howe. I bid on a project through an internet service to do some "coffee cup size candles". Come to find out Dave and Linda had another idea in mind.
Ice cream Sculptures...Dave explained that they wanted to develop a novelty ice cream sculptures with as many fun ideas as he could come up with.
Frozart is the name of the company, and you can find the molds available for purchase at www.frozart.com
I am pleased to be a part of this innovative product. The sculptures have evolved from small popsicle sculptures and large single serve dish characters, to cakes, and even a large chef's hat for Holland America Cruise Lines.
Show here are the "Brain Freeze" (in frozen food-colored yogurt) and The Holland America Chef Rudi signature Chef Hat (in wax).

Young at Art

This is a drawing I did when I was in the 2nd grade, so about 8 years old. It is of eagles flying over the ocean. There is a dolphin jumping out of the water, and whales blowing water up through their blow holes.
It is important for me to have this drawing because it is stone on my path.
Stefanie and I packed up my art work in my drawing room this weekend. Looking back is always humbling for me. The learning process is evident in the work I did at a young age. I can remember the image I wanted to describe, yet unable to without the right skills.
I flipped through a newsprint pad from a life drawing class at Rocky Mtn College of Art and Design, and found a red conte drawing that was beautiful. There are smooth lines, great highlights defining muscles, and simple time spent...I'm wondering how I got away from that, and wish to return soon.