Young at Art

This is a drawing I did when I was in the 2nd grade, so about 8 years old. It is of eagles flying over the ocean. There is a dolphin jumping out of the water, and whales blowing water up through their blow holes.
It is important for me to have this drawing because it is stone on my path.
Stefanie and I packed up my art work in my drawing room this weekend. Looking back is always humbling for me. The learning process is evident in the work I did at a young age. I can remember the image I wanted to describe, yet unable to without the right skills.
I flipped through a newsprint pad from a life drawing class at Rocky Mtn College of Art and Design, and found a red conte drawing that was beautiful. There are smooth lines, great highlights defining muscles, and simple time spent...I'm wondering how I got away from that, and wish to return soon.

CY Designs Sunrise

My name is Clinton Yaws,
I am an artist.
My earliest recollection of drawing comes to mind while my mom left me in the family Oldsmobile when she went into a store. We lived in Austin, Texas, I was between 2 and 3 years old. I know mom must have hurried, but back in those days kids could lay in the rear window if they wanted, and it was safe.
I remember the warm sun, finding a pink ink pen, and it flowed smoothly onto the tan vinyl. I know I was trying to draw happy faces, and experimented on the rest of the dashboard that I could reach.
I remember mom coming back out to the car, and the excitement in her face as she saw what I had created...Actually, She licked her finger and tried to scrub the priceless marks off the center console.
To this day, I love the feeling of being in a parked car, quiet, with the windows up and the warm sun bleeding in slowly. Those are the best naps...

I am making this blog in the hopes that one day my son Cooper, will read it and understand some of the things that his Dad was trying to explain. Also, to help myself sort out every thing I have stacked up in my own head about this 'artist' I have become.
I asked my wife Stefanie, "What should I put in there, are they like journals?" She explained, "You can put anything you want. Maybe you should start with how you became an artist, and that will help you write about where you are now." So, that is what I will try to do.

This is a painting I did while attending the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley.
It is inspired by Dali's
"Christ of St. John of the Cross".

The cross made from the pink pearl and pencil symbolize fundamental drawing skills. The 3 on the pencil symbolizes myself as the 3rd born son. The figure on the cross represents myself.

This painting is my favorite so I choose to start with it.

More of my work can be seen here
My wife Stefanie
My son Cooper