Young at Art

This is a drawing I did when I was in the 2nd grade, so about 8 years old. It is of eagles flying over the ocean. There is a dolphin jumping out of the water, and whales blowing water up through their blow holes.
It is important for me to have this drawing because it is stone on my path.
Stefanie and I packed up my art work in my drawing room this weekend. Looking back is always humbling for me. The learning process is evident in the work I did at a young age. I can remember the image I wanted to describe, yet unable to without the right skills.
I flipped through a newsprint pad from a life drawing class at Rocky Mtn College of Art and Design, and found a red conte drawing that was beautiful. There are smooth lines, great highlights defining muscles, and simple time spent...I'm wondering how I got away from that, and wish to return soon.

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