Super Cooper

My son Cooper loves his Marvel Super Squad super-heroes. Since he was an infant, Cooper has been influenced by super powers. Stefanie and I would give him different colored sweat bands and called them "Powerbands". Each different color was a super-hero, like red for Spiderman, yellow for Wolverine, light blue for Arch Angel, Black for Black Spiderman, Green for Hulk, and royal blue for Captain America. He would wear them all the time, and believed that they held some kind of super power......As he has gotten a little older his imagination runs wild.

Cooper is 2 years, 6 months old. He knows the names of all comic heroes that we have collected. The first Super Squad duo to come home with us was Electra and Daredevil. We took a trip to our local Megamart, and of coarse, to the toy isle. I tried to talk him into a Spiderman combo, and he accepted. For the rest of the ride through the store, Cooper studied the back of the package and found the Electra & Daredevil duo. His next words were "I want her", "I want her","I want her". So naturally, I went back to the toy isle and fulfilled my son's wishes.

After I read a blog called toycutter, I was inspired to make "Super Cooper". Shown here in wax, Super Cooper comes equipped with a rocket-pack, directional dorsal fin on the back of his head, Spidermanesque eyes, Daredevil mask, and hand blasters. The sculpture is created after the Super Squad characters, and is the size of the Hulk. I have had a mold made courtesy of Dave Howe , and plan to cast resin copies.

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