It's Thursday night, June 5th, I have been working steadily throughout 23 days. The original clock design with roman numerals floating on the side of the bull was not working to my likings. I decided to make the clock look more like an ornate watch. After tightening things up there, I worked the vines that break up open space, placed spines on the cacti, claws in the cat foot, added the tail, and stamped the families initials into the leaves of the tree...
I have spoken with my Foundry, and plan to take the bull to them on Monday. Over the weekend I will look for anything squished from handling and tighten lines, or smooth any rough areas. Once the bronze is poured, I will weld and chase the sculpture. Trying to coordinate the patina, base, and crating within a few days of each other will be my next hill to climb. This has certainly been the most enjoyable project I have worked on for some time and I am pleased to be at this point....AND ahead of schedule!!

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