In May, I took a trip to New York City with my Mother-in-Law, Sheri for the SURTEX 2008 show.
This was my first trip to the Big Apple, and I was in complete awe at everything I saw.
The SURTEX show is a Licensing show for artists who want to see their work applied to surfaces and textiles, such as: gift wrap, stationary, cards, wall hangings, etc. It is held at the Javits Center. The first day we attended the show and viewed so much artwork, it was head-spinning. It was self validating as an artist to see the range of talents that are producing art and what age they are. We also attended seminars on licensing agreements, copyright, and trends.
After the show our first day, Sheri and I took a walk into the city, no real direction, just wandering. All along the way I was taking photos and trying to take in this incredible place. Just as we were walking, things started to look strangely familiar... Times Square, I have seen this before, but now I was in the middle of it!
The feeling was electric, there was an unexplainable buzz of energy from all the people, lights, images, and size.
Day 2 of the show we viewed the Stationary portion of the show, then afterward we took a shuttle bus partway toward the financial district. The people in New York that provide public service are very helpful, they will tell you as many different combination of ways to get to where you want to go as possible. Sheri and I found that if you overshoot or undershoot a destination, your best bet is to walk. So, we walked into the financial district and to Ground Zero of the World Trade Center disaster. We timed our trip perfectly, as we walked into a flood of people getting off work and heading toward the subway station. That experience alone was breathtaking.
Day 3 was our last day. We decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Getting there was a trip, and we learned about the subway! The Met was having a Super-Hero Fashion and Fantasy show. It was really impressive seeing the costumes like SpiderMan, Wonder-Woman, Batman, but the coolest was a high polished silver IronMan. The eyes were so bright, like xenon headlights, almost hard to look at. They also had the Mystique body suit on a life like casting worn by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in the X-Men movie...WOW.
After we viewed that exhibit, we saw sculpture, painting, ancient artifact, a lot of gold, but my favorite was the painting by Salvidor Dali of the Crucifixion (Hypercubic Body). Being able to stand in front of this painting was a complete dream. The folds of skin, and fluidity of markings are awesome. The edges are not as picture perfect as a small reproduction would suggest, this is really a painting, and there is a painterly quality that is lost when viewed from afar.
After leaving the Museum, we walked down a few blocks and took the subway back toward the south end of the city. Being underground really screws with your sense of direction, and we went on a fun filled adventure through the tunnels of New York and landed safely back on the streets.
A trip I will always remember, a wonderful experience filled with art, sites, and exercise. Thank you Sheri.

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