What Would Clint Do???

For a while now, I've been busy sculpting for Designs by Ricker during the day, and working on commissioned pieces after hours in my studio at home. I have been asking myself the question over and over....What would you do?.....What would you do if you had an opportunity to make something that was what you had in mind, not influenced by anyone else opinion? I had the opportunity recently while waiting for paint to dry.
There is great satisfaction in creating something beautiful, and finding out the meaning when the time is right....This is one of those pieces, a stream of conscious doodle.
This is a wax sculpture of an elephant head with butterfly-esque ears, and abdomen. The trunk forms a right arm, balanced on the index, and middle finger. The base is a bird/dinosaur like claw....It is a strange combination, but flows and balances perfectly. I am happy to show what I would do.

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