Paris After Titian

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Red Balloon Rex

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Sunshine Secret...

This is my favorite piece of all time...In early spring 2002, before I graduated from college, I was taking a cigarette break during a painting class. The sun was warm but the concrete cold. There was a pile of bees early from their winter slumber slowly crawling around on the steps in front of Crabbe Hall at UNC. The metallic golden stripes of their backs absorbed the warm sun, and most of them lie still. I wrapped up one in the cellophane from the package of cigarettes, and placed it in my paint case...When I got back to my house I put the bee in the window near a plant bowl, and it rested paying homage to the sun...This piece was made using two part mix for clear resin, a light bulb carefully cut open, and sculpey forming a sunflower. The bee rests on the glass fuse enclosure of the bulb, and the bulb was filled with the resin, and then glued into the center of the flower.

Smart and Super Size

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D.C.......What, Whaattt.....

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