I didn't paint that...

On Saturday mornings I take a drive to Cheyenne, WY for an inventory auditing job with Fox Research. 52 weeks out of the year, same day, same route, and the most beautiful scenery. If I think about grabbing my camera on the way out the door it usually sits on the car seat....On this morning I was thinking about how a sunrise could be considered an event worthy enough to be captured by camera, and how petty that frame of mind is.
I have seen some of the most odd and spectacular landscapes and atmospheric effects the drive has to offer, and decided......You should stop for a few minutes and take a picture.

Making Smoke...

Post for Art Jumble,
"New Years Resolution" theme.....Which is to keep running from the cigarette. I always made the excuse that my left hand needed to be doing something while I drew with my right. I wanted to quit before I had smoked for half of my life, and this January I turn into an Adult Adult....30. This time it seems to be much easier.
With the new addition of our baby Sam, and Cooper becoming evermore aware of everything around him, I want to be able to tell them smoking is not okay, and be able to stand behind my words.

I have also enjoyed getting into posting with Art Jumble, and seeing a new style develop within the past few months....I love drawing, and drawing quickly.

Scaling the Dragon

In October of 2007, I set out on a small journey through the lens of my Kodak......I wanted to do one of the cool time lapse videos of a creation in progress and came to this. The dragon is part of a pewter sculpture available at Designs by Ricker of Saint George and the Dragon.
After I completed the dragon in red wax, I used a lighter tan wax for a little contrast. Enjoy.

Tiny Tim Pimpin'

A post for Art Jumble, "Christmas Carol" theme.

Frosty the Snowmass Murderer

A post on Art Jumble for the "Snow Monster" theme.

Fender Ornaments

For the past few months I have been working on a project for Designs By Ricker of motorcycle fender ornaments. Here are a few of the most recently completed designs. They will be molded and cast with resin and chrome plated. The designs will eventually be for sale through the Ricker website.