Copper Pots & Chicken Poppycosh

                                                                                                                                                      The 12 Illustrations, and cover art were delivered on Sunday the 20th of Dec.  Here are a few more of my favorite illustrations from the book written by Jason Hooker.  Mirror Publishing will be handling the printing and release of the book in about 5 weeks.  I am pleased with how all the illustrations turned out.  

Copper Pots and Color Comps

Here are a few of the color comps I have done for "Copper Pots and Chicken Poppycosh"  By Jason Hooker.  The elements from each illustration are working well and they unify great alongside one another.  The POV for the garden illustration is a lot of fun...Look for more to come!

Call Me the Breeze

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"If superheores had beards" week.

Patch Together Toy Design

I have submitted a few designs to that could become part of the production line there with your help....If you go to the links for each design, sign up, and vote, there is a good chance that these designs could become toys.

The Pig Flu Zombie is a humorous concept that I came up with for Artjumble "Zombie" week. It was around the time all the pigs were slaughtered because of the Swine Flu name.  This would make an awesome vinyl or resin casting...and has been commented on as a "creepy plush".

The Snowmass Murderer is a fun and spooky snowman with an icicle sickle.....It would be so cool in a crystal clear resin cast, and a blood stained eyeball buttons.

Help me get these designs out there.....Also seen on Plastic and Plush


New sculpt that I did for American Fender Art.  He will be cast in resin, eventually chrome plated. and available for purchase at the AFA link above. Just workin' the plank...

Plastic and Plush

Thanks to Brian at Plastic and Plush for the write up on this Friday the 13th.....

Pencil Comps and Poppycosh

At the end of October I answered an ad for a children's book illustrator and had the pleasure to be selected as the artist for "Copper Pots and Chicken Poppycosh" by Jason Hooker.  The story is about a young boy and his Grandfather making "Pop Pop's" signature dish, Chicken Poppycosh.  Here are a few of my favorite pencil compositions that will be done in watercolor and brush tip pen.
  These are the first drafts so some may change.  I am happy with the way they turned out, and am excited to move forward.

Hip Hop in Wax...

I have been listening to a lot of Hip Hop lately, good stories and good beats.  There's a real good free download from 8bit Cynics on FRESHERTHAN , I am an Okie, so it's nice to hear what's going on down there.
  Also, having fed Saint Teresa the praying mantis so many grasshoppers this fall, I have been inspired.  This is my second piece to be resin cast.
This is the stylized grasshopper in wax.  Thank you Sharpie for your smooth tubular grasshopper leg shapes.  I am going to have a lot of fun with the paint job on this guy. 

My Little Mona Lisa

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"Your Mona Lisa" week.  Samantha Yaws.


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for Animals of the Alphabet week.

F for Flamingo

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Animals of the Alphabet.

Blank to Doodled...

The first few castings of the Hippocustomus are in and being experimented on. This series of 25 castings will all be one of a kind. My first paint job is inspired by the "Doodled- on" blanks seen on various vinyl blogs and sites.
The black hand painted designs seen here as a work in progress will cover the form of the Hippo completely... More to come soon!
Email me for blank purchases or to request a custom paint job...

Praying Mantis

The very first sculpture I made to cast in bronze in 2002 was of a Praying Mantis. I have always enjoyed the Mantis for its alien- like form, and have come to learn a whole lot more about the species after raising a couple in our kitchen this summer.
I ordered 3 egg casings online earlier this year, but they did not hatch after weeks of anticipation. To my surprise, I found one on the brick wall at work one day. The female named Saint Teresa, came into our house in the middle of July. She molted twice, tripling in size, and got her wings after the second molt in captivity.

The quest for a male suitor started and ended with a post on Craigslist. I did not get any good response to my ad, so I thought St. Teresa may just stay a virgin in her life time. Until...I was coming in the front door at work and found a little brown fellow carrying the name of St. Francis (aka Whirly Gig).
Francis has mated with Teresa twice. She didn't eat him, and actually took a cricket out of my fingers while mating.

On Monday 7/31/09, I found another male, he was green, and didn't receive a name...I took him home, and got him acquainted with St. Teresa by placing a container over the lid to her cage. I put them together and he did mate with her, but by morning all that was left were four scattered wings in the bottom of the cage.
So, Teresa will lay an egg casing or two this fall, and the babies will hatch in the Spring. Stefanie would like the top of the microwave back, so I am going to have to find a place for my bugs in the mean time.
I have read some interesting things about the Mantis that continue to inspire and question my being. Like if a small child is lost, and comes across a Praying Manits on their path, the child can ask which direction to go, and the Manits will truthfully answer by pointing with its front legs.
They also have a strong relationship with the Divine, and are the keepers of the night while protecting you from bad dreams by praying for you all night long.


Here is the wax prototype sculpture for my first custom resin designer toy. While keeping up with Argonaut Resin blog posts, I could not help but be inspired to sculpt my own custom designer toy.
This is my Hippocustomus, showing off a little "Walk to Slide". He will be molded and cast in resin. Each casting will be handpainted, some may even be hand painted to order... I especially enjoy this team effort of Robbie Busch and Eric Nocella Diaz.
Keep your eye out for the first cast and painted pieces...

Hollywood Hug

Post for ArtJumble "Hug" week.


Post for ArtJumble "Childhood Dreams"

My older brothers and I spent at least 4 solid summers watching this movie. We would watch it in the morning, and ride the rest of the day. Once we got the soundtrack, it was blastin' on the boombox in the driveway.

The power to move you...

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing story. Many family and friends have followed the posts on CaringBridge made by two incredibly brave parents, Shawn and Alyssa Johnston, about a tough and equally brave young man Kolton.

Honey, Dad, Artist, Cigarette Guy

Post for ArtJumble "Self Portrait".

Pig Flu Undead

Post for Art Jumble "Zombie Animals"...caption reads, "With so many freshly dead, there has to be a few that pop up."

Old Friends

During my time at Bonell Good Samaritan Center as an Art Therapist, I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with the folks there. Some of the residents were confined to wheelchairs, others were just eager to talk to someone who would listen... I thought the families of the residents might enjoy having a drawing of their loved ones, and residents could tell me about their lives, and I could do some life was a win for everyone.
The drawings here are scanned photocopies, the original went to the residents and families. These were done in 2004, graphite on bristol vellum. There are many more drawings floating around, some I didn't get photocopies of at the time, but these are some of my favorite.


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Eye of the Beholder

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Toot, Toot,...

Thanks John Struan for the mention!!

Super Cooper Revisited

Here's a resin cast, freshly painted, ready for adventures, action packed boy. More of the story Here