Jerry's Tree

I worked as an Art Therapist for Bonell Good
Samaritan Center in Greeley, Colorado after I graduated from UNC. Bonell is a long-term care facility providing care for the elderly in the final stages of life. During my stay there, I facilitated three groups called "Memories in the Making" for the Alzheimer's Association on three different secured units in Bonell.
The residents in the groups all had different stages of dementia, and Alzheimers. Sometimes our groups would be as large as ten, or as few as three residents. Using watercolor, the residents would paint pictures of different objects, from photos, and from memory.....Painting from memory can bring out incredible results, especially when your losing, or lost the memory you once had.
There was one particular resident, Jerry, who was the most friendly wandering soul. I could approach him and ask him to come paint and he would reply."Paint..., Well I don't paint". I would tell him "Sure you do, you painted with me last week." And to that he would say, "Well..., Alright then."
I learned a lot as a person and artist from working with all the special residents I spent time with. It was a great experience that I will hold dear for the rest of my life.
Recently, I painted a palette for the Memories in the Making Art Auction, and wanted to remember Jerry.
My inspiration reads...Jerry, an artist from the MIM at Bonell in Greeley during 2004 sessions. A brilliant man who showed me how to forget what I used to know about painting.
The watercolor above is Jerry's, and below is the inspired palette.

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