Patch Together Toy Design

I have submitted a few designs to that could become part of the production line there with your help....If you go to the links for each design, sign up, and vote, there is a good chance that these designs could become toys.

The Pig Flu Zombie is a humorous concept that I came up with for Artjumble "Zombie" week. It was around the time all the pigs were slaughtered because of the Swine Flu name.  This would make an awesome vinyl or resin casting...and has been commented on as a "creepy plush".

The Snowmass Murderer is a fun and spooky snowman with an icicle sickle.....It would be so cool in a crystal clear resin cast, and a blood stained eyeball buttons.

Help me get these designs out there.....Also seen on Plastic and Plush


New sculpt that I did for American Fender Art.  He will be cast in resin, eventually chrome plated. and available for purchase at the AFA link above. Just workin' the plank...

Plastic and Plush

Thanks to Brian at Plastic and Plush for the write up on this Friday the 13th.....

Pencil Comps and Poppycosh

At the end of October I answered an ad for a children's book illustrator and had the pleasure to be selected as the artist for "Copper Pots and Chicken Poppycosh" by Jason Hooker.  The story is about a young boy and his Grandfather making "Pop Pop's" signature dish, Chicken Poppycosh.  Here are a few of my favorite pencil compositions that will be done in watercolor and brush tip pen.
  These are the first drafts so some may change.  I am happy with the way they turned out, and am excited to move forward.