"Memories in the Making" Palette Auction

It is time again for the 10th annual "Memories in the Making" Art Auction.  The Alzheimer's Association holds this event every year to raise money.  This is the palette I painted as one of the 40 artists from Northern Colorado to donate to the auction.
"Memories in the Making" are watercolor painting groups held at many care facilities throughout Colorado. Facilitators assist people with varying stages of Alzheimer's and dementia in painting from still life, pictures, and memory.  Once a year all the paintings are gathered from each facility, and with the families permission, are auctioned off to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association.  In my experience as a facilitator the stories that go along with the paintings are the real gift. 
"This year more than 1,600 pieces of Alzheimer’s artwork was submitted in Northern Colorado. That is over 1,600 hours where an Alzheimer’s patient was socializing with others and actively engaging their brain and often times memories. A jury of four art professionals had the tedious task of choosing the 53 pieces that would be framed and auctioned on the night of May 20. The show is a unique mix of artwork chosen from many different stages within Alzheimer’s disease."

Chinaco Tequilla Pewter Plate

This is a casting of the "Chinaco Tequilla" pewter plate that I recently sculpted for Designs by Ricker
"La Gonzaleña’s tequila was called Chinaco, named after the legendary defenders of Mexico during the Guerra de Reforma (War of Reform) in the 1850s. Chinaco tequila was born out of struggle, and has fought ever since to survive as the only tequila produced in Tamaulipas.

Chinaco tequila was introduced to the United States in 1983 by Robert Denton and Company. Denton marketed the tequila like a fine cognac, and demanded the highest prices of any tequila on the market. The rich, elegant Chinaco Añejo lived up to the
promises, and almost single handedly created the North American market for upscale tequila.

The distillery closed in the late 1980s, and the remaining supply of Chinaco was quickly exhausted. Happily, under the guidance of Gonzalez’s four sons, La Gonzaleña distillery was reborn, and Chinaco reappeared for sale in the United States in 1994. Currently Chinaco is available in three styles. The Blanco is bottled without any wood aging. The Reposado is aged in barrel for up to a year. The Añejo ages in oak barrels for up to four years."  
Lance Cutler, author of the Tequila Lover’s Guide To Mexico.

Ivy Stockwell Stallions Book Signing

Illustration for the "Copper Pots & Chicken Poppycosh" by Jason Hooker book signing at Ivy Stockwell Elementary in Berthoud, CO. 3/6/10.
Their mascot is the Stallion, and Jason is a 5th grade teacher there.
I wanted to commemorate the event with a donated piece for the school. Congratulations to Jason and myself for a wonderful book.