While I have been doing my freelance work for Anatomology I can't help but be inspired to come up with my own designs.  This is a take off of the line that I had cast in bronze for the prototype. 
My grandmother buys loads of old costume jewelry and sends it to my mom by the bag full.  Stefanie and I are going to be recylcing this old treasure and using my new pendants to create a fun line of jewelry.  This is a project that we can both work on together, so I know I am super excited.
With a little inspiration, encouragement, and some advice from people who know where to go, we may just be able to start something that could last.  More to come!


As time goes on, these jewelry projects keep getting more fun!
This is a new piece never before seen in Google.  I sculpted the bones 'in the round' and decided to flatten out the back to reduce the weight.  Once this piece is in metal, the phalanges should be able to be opened up to give a larger strangle hold.  The hard part of having this in solid wax is the brittleness when it cools.  The middle fingers are hinged with a jumpring and then an adjustable chain links the thumbs on back of the neck.  The skeleton hand choker is a definite conversation piece, guaranteed to hold on all night. 

This piece will also be available at in the near future.......

Time is on my side, and Rattle them bones.

My most recent work with
An hourglass that tells a story about mind, heart, and time.  Also an eye  catching piece that pulls you in by the neck!