Cirque du Soleil Wedding Cake Topper

Custom cake topper sculpted in wax and cast in resin.

New York Comic Con via Argonaut Resins

This Custom Tuttz I painted for Argonaut Resins will be on display at the New York Comic Con at booth #2479 on October 11 - 14th.  This Tuttz is called "Cleopatra".  I am very please with the way she turned out.  Eric from Argonaut Resins will have Cleopatra up for sale at the conference on the 12th of Oct. for $250. 

Argonaut Resins and Clinton Yaws

I am one of 12 hand selected artists to customize the 8 inch "Tuttz" resin sculpted and cast by Argonaut Resins founder Eric Nocella Diaz.  I decided to go with a King Tutankhamun sarcophagus theme.  The head is done after the mummy mask of Tutankhamun.  Below on the breast is a winged scarab pectoral representing the god Khepri, the rising sun, pushing the sun disc above the horizon.  The left side contains the white vulture image of Nekhbet, the right the image of Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet, who was one of the earliest Egyptian deities and who often was depicted as a cobra. Combined they are know in Ancient Egyptian texts as, Two Ladies, the deities who were the patrons of the Ancient Egyptians and worshiped by all after the unification of its two parts, Lower Egypt, and Upper Egypt.
The tail is painted as the crook from the burial coffin.    These sleek beauties have been flying off the shelves through the online store.
I am humbled to be part of a such a talented cast of artists customizing these cool cats.
4 - Dolly Oblong
5 - MeSmithyman
6 - Clinton Yaws
7- Reactor88
8 - Rsinart
9 - MotorBot
10 - Mariangela Tan
11 - Lou Pimentel
12 - Adam Pratt 


Habitat for Humanity "Home is where the heART is" Auction

This is my donation for the Habitat for Humanity Greeley Restores "Home is where the heART is" art auction. 
As a selected artist I was able to take up to $100 in restore materials and create whatever I wanted to compliment the mission of Habitat for Humanity. 
This 'Mantelpiece Headboard' is made of a headboard, footboard, banister rail sections, and balusters.
The paint was recycled from the Weld County Hazardous Household materials 'drop and swap' days.  I did purchase the small wooden balls that cap the balusters.
I envisioned something inspired by the Perugia Altarpiece by Fra Angelico.  
  It is pretty close, huh? 

Anatomology Cuffs

Two cuffs created for  The rib cuff is take off of the Anatmology logo that shows flowing ribbon like ribs. 


Memories in the Making Palette 2012

It is time again for the Alzheimer's Association "Memories in the Making" art auction.  This is my donation I am calling "Penn Dutch".  At the long term care facility I worked at after college, the residents would tell me stories of weekend barn dances, where many of them tasted their first sip of moonshine, some first kisses, and doing the "Dutch Hop".  The design is inspired by those stories, and the color palette pulls from black and white photography from the era.

Lung Ashtray

Fun project for Amy Sweetman of
You can see her extended line of products at her Etsy store as well...

This will be cast in stainless steel, and almost made me want to start smoking again?

Illustrate Song Lyric #6

Sims "When It Rolls In"

"...the wind whips through the nest, it ain’t took enough
then the drips hit my chest and I scream..."

Sims gave my tweet a favorite, and a great comment that combines "Sweet" and "Awesome"....I think?

Illustrate Song Lyric #5

Astronautalis "Measure the Globe"

"....I couldn't tell you dear,
which one whispers in my ear,
the Devil or St. Andrew
But I know it's time to go..."

Illustrate Song Lyric #4

Atmosphere "Don't Forget"

"The soundtrack still runs through my head
I gotta keep every single step
As old as we get, we don't forget
We won't forget
We don't forget"
This illustration was also inspired by my son.  At the age of 5, he doodled this on his pad while listening to this song in the car... 

Thank you to Slug for the retweet...

Illustrate Song Lyric #3

Astronautalis "Skeleton"

"Another gust of wind paints her hair across her puzzled face"

Here's what Andy "Astronautalis" said in reply.

Illustrate Song Lyric #2

8 Bit Cynics  "Movement Four"

"Hope can't float with a hole in the boat"

Dewey Binns is the former MC of 8Bit Cynics, and here is what he had to say...

Illustrate Song Lyric #1

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis "Vipassana"

"Delve into self until my heart becomes my paintbrush"

Here's what Macklemore says...

The Screamin' Peach Charms

To close out 2011 I had the opportunity to work with a few great clients and produce 4 custom charms.
The Pin-up style girl and banner belong to The Screamin' Peach in Fort Collins, CO.

 The "Maiden" charm is a commemorative piece for a group of women that coin themselves the Ice Maidens.  These ladies take a yearly trip to the mountains for snow and good times.  

The fourth piece is a 'Save the Date' wineglass charm for a lovely couple getting married this up coming July.   Congrats to you both!