Illustrate Song Lyric #6

Sims "When It Rolls In"

"...the wind whips through the nest, it ain’t took enough
then the drips hit my chest and I scream..."

Sims gave my tweet a favorite, and a great comment that combines "Sweet" and "Awesome"....I think?

Illustrate Song Lyric #5

Astronautalis "Measure the Globe"

"....I couldn't tell you dear,
which one whispers in my ear,
the Devil or St. Andrew
But I know it's time to go..."

Illustrate Song Lyric #4

Atmosphere "Don't Forget"

"The soundtrack still runs through my head
I gotta keep every single step
As old as we get, we don't forget
We won't forget
We don't forget"
This illustration was also inspired by my son.  At the age of 5, he doodled this on his pad while listening to this song in the car... 

Thank you to Slug for the retweet...