Habitat for Humanity "Home is where the heART is" Auction

This is my donation for the Habitat for Humanity Greeley Restores "Home is where the heART is" art auction. 
As a selected artist I was able to take up to $100 in restore materials and create whatever I wanted to compliment the mission of Habitat for Humanity. 
This 'Mantelpiece Headboard' is made of a headboard, footboard, banister rail sections, and balusters.
The paint was recycled from the Weld County Hazardous Household materials 'drop and swap' days.  I did purchase the small wooden balls that cap the balusters.
I envisioned something inspired by the Perugia Altarpiece by Fra Angelico.  
  It is pretty close, huh? 

Anatomology Cuffs

Two cuffs created for www.anatomology.com.  The rib cuff is take off of the Anatmology logo that shows flowing ribbon like ribs. 


Memories in the Making Palette 2012

It is time again for the Alzheimer's Association "Memories in the Making" art auction.  This is my donation I am calling "Penn Dutch".  At the long term care facility I worked at after college, the residents would tell me stories of weekend barn dances, where many of them tasted their first sip of moonshine, some first kisses, and doing the "Dutch Hop".  The design is inspired by those stories, and the color palette pulls from black and white photography from the era.

Lung Ashtray

Fun project for Amy Sweetman of www.anatomology.com
You can see her extended line of products at her Etsy store as well...http://www.etsy.com/shop/Anatomology

This will be cast in stainless steel, and almost made me want to start smoking again?