Sacred Heart of Gato-lupe and Catnip Trip Tuttz Customs

I would like to introduce my two latest custom projects I have done with Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins  The 6.5 inch custom is titled "Sacred Heart of Gato-lupe"  This is inspired by the dia de los muertos themed stickers done last year by Eric.  The piece is finely detailed with rosary, daisy wrapped sacred heart, and cat skull.
This will be sold as an awesome collectible package.  I am including a framed original 5x7 inch graphite sketch done while waiting for a flight at Denver International Airport!  Also to promote my jewelry line Lunar Opus  I am including a Sacred Heart necklace.  The box also includes a hand-painted image of the back of the Tuttz head.

The Mini Tuttz called "Catnip Trip" is 3.5" tall and highly detailed for the little guy. This piece is detailed with a catnip flower bloom that wraps from the back to front.  The small two-lipped flowers are white and finely spotted with pale purple. Catnip is used as a recreational substance for pet cats' enjoyment.  the box is hand painted with the image from the back of the cats head.