Sugar Skull, NYDM Badge Pin, Paint a Brain

  A few projects that I did these past few months. 
The Sugar Skull is a styrofoam glitter skull purchased at Target after Halloween at 70% off (score!) painted with acrylic.
  The brain is part of the line and will be offered as a paint kit in the near future.  It is shown here carved in wax.
  The third image is of a pewter cast pin done for NYDM chapter of Omaha, NE.  I sculpted it in wax, it was molded and cast in Loveland, CO. 

Voodoo Circus Sucio Custom

I have teamed up with Argonaut Resins once again to bring you the "Voodoo Circus Sucio" custom painted resin collectible.  This custom will be on display at this years MoCCa Arts Fest on April 6 & 7th. 
More to come from this wicked bad team...Keep up with us!