Osiris, Isis, Horus Tuttz Customs


My 8" custom Tuttz were inspired by the Egyptian Myth of Creation.   These will be on display and up for sale at Argonaut Resins  New York Comic Con booth #325 on October, 10-13.  The first to come to life was Osiris the God of the Underworld. Followed by, Isis the sister and wife of Osiris.  The third is their son, Horus the hawk-headed God of War.
These are hand painted with acrylic and signed on the bottoms.  Each Tuttz will be sold with an original acrylic painted 4"x4" artist canvas sticker.  The boxes are designed by me, showing the rear of the Tuttz head. I am really pleased with these and excited to be joining in on the NYCC in association with Argonaut Resins. 

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