Obot Customs

Custom hand painted Obots in collaboration with Carbon Fibre Media
and Argonaut Resins
These were done in early May, when the Daffodils were blooming and the Japanese Iris were just starting to break open.  I was inspired by the seasons and the sun coming back to warm up the bees. 
These guys will also be on display and up for sale at this years New York Comic Con. Argonaut Resins and The Jelly Empire booth #325.

"Ra" Sun God, "Khonsu" Moon God, "Geb" Earth God Customs

 This is the finale of my customs that are going to be on display at the New York Comic Con, Oct 10-13 in conjunction with Argonaut Resins.
The Mini Pharaoh Hound painted as "Ra" the Egyptian Sun God, the Mini Tuttz as "Khonsu" the Moon God, and Sucio mouse as "Geb" the Earth God. 
The hound stands 5"tall, Tuttz mini at 3.5", and Sucio at 2.5".  That's a lot of information packed onto the surface of these guys.  I enjoy every minute of making these come to life and love seeing how they turn out.