Custom Painted "Battlecat"

Ceramic Mantel figurine custom painted with acrylics.  Measures 24"x5"

Custom Painted "Screaming Earth"

Final Custom for 2014.  This "Screaming Earth" is painted on a reproduction of a vintage globe.  The globe is mounted on a painted black wood base.  Stands 6.5" tall. 

Frank The Dog Pet Portrait

This is a commission done in watercolor of Frank the Dog.  As well as a few from the past.
Thank you, Jamie!

"Jack-In-The-Box" Custom Painted Resin

This custom painted "Jack-in-the-box" resin clown, along with some of my pendants will be for sale at SubUrban Vinyl on Dec. 13, 2014 for their annual Holiday Gift Show.  This is a cash-and-carry show with items $150 and under.  I am excited to be a part this year!

"God-Yam-It" Craft Beer Label

Craft Beer Label created for a beer brewed by Blaine Hellman and Ryan Frickel of Omaha, NE.  The beer was featured at the Midwest Home-Brewers' Invitational, Nov. 22, 2014 and won 1st place for "Peoples Choice"

Wise Commissioned Painting

Commissioned painting done with acrylic, spray paint, colored pencil.  Measures 36"x48"
Thank you Wise family. 

Custom Virgin Mary "Psychedelic Mary"

My latest Custom Virgin Mary as "Psychedelic Mary".
Stands 13.5" tall, painted using Posca paint markers on plastic figure.

Owl Painting

Acrylic paint on black canvas.  Mash-up of a Barn Owl and Horned Owl.  24"x36"

New York Comic Con 2014 with Argonaut Resins

These Tuttz mini custom painted resins will be at NYCC, October 9-12.  Big thanks to Argonaut Resins for inviting me back to do a set again this year. Booth #401

Custom Figurine "I, sis"

Acrylic paint and DAS sculpting medium. 
Just in time for Halloween. 


Illustration done in pencil, ink, colored pencil, Photoshop

Blue Jay

Illustration done in ink, colored pencil, Photoshop

Columbine Watercolor circa 2004

Watercolor illustration from 2004 that will be seeing the light of day at an upcoming show.

Mantis as Mary

Illustration done in colored pencil, ink, and Photoshop.


I found a good bag of pencils at a garage sale this summer. 

Custom Virgin Mary as "Shiva"

My newest custom to date. This is the Virgin Mary portrayed as Shiva, the Hindu diety of yoga and arts.

Custom Jesus Light "Ghost of Abe Lincoln"

Custom Jesus light titled "Ghost of Abe Lincoln".  Painted with acrylics on ceramic.  When lit the shadows and reflections reveal the ghost image of Abe Lincoln.  Base reads "HOME".  Commisioned by friends at Zombie Glass, Omaha, NE. 

Custom Anatomical Figurines

 Here is a grouping of customs inspired by Jessica Harrison, UK.  These figurines are altered by cutting them open with a rotary tool.  The organs are sculpted with DAS modeling medium and they are painted using acrylics. 

Custom Carousel Horse

This is my latest custom piece found at Goodwill.  The original piece came mounted to a thick wooden base with the horse propped up by a weathered log.  I dismantled the horse, drilled out the hole for the decorative pole made from a wooden dowel, added the capital with wooden sphere, and remounted to the new oval base.  This is solid wood standing 30" tall. Hand painted with acrylic and spray paint.

Custom Darth Vader and Chewbacca

Here are my new custom painted Christ of the Ozarks commissions for friends at Zombie Glass, Omaha, NE. Hand painted with acrylics. 

Custom Virgin Mary "Zombie Mother"

Commissioned piece done for Zombie Glass in Omaha, NE.  It is a ceramic planter standing 14" tall. Hand painted with acrylics and spray paint.